[S022116] Unknown Source

[S006817] Catlow Family Diagram - From Edith Elberfeld?

[S001894] Death Certificate

[S001221] Original Marriage Certificate

[S022132] Meigs County Ohio History Book Vol. One

[S001227] Baby Book, Birth Certificate, Hospital Book for Mothers

[S007183] The Ancestry of Ezra Holton of Northfield, MA and Soperton, Ont. 1785 - 1834 By Eva L, Moffatt, Nov. 1953

[S003288] Roy K. Vehr, 1-10-76 letter to Catherine Elberfeld

[S001248] Census Records

[S102228] Allan Elberfeld Notes

[S002303] Buswell Bible - Hand copied notes

[S006893] Social Security Death Index: United States, 1937-1996

[S102100] Pioneer History of Meigs County, Ohio to 1949

[S026625] LDS Microfiche IGI Source

[S026983] IGI

[S048577] Descendents of Johann Jakob Eiselstein

[S012381] Hand written notes

[S022921] Lambsheim: Die Familien von 1547 bis 1800

[S005923] Richard Elberfeld

[S022946] Meigs County Ohio History Book Vol. Two

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