Kid Elberfeld Time Line - 1911

1911Washington Nationals Uniform
19111911 Washington Nationals
Feb 12, 1911The Washington Post - Eddie Collins on Cooperation as Aid to Winning Ball; MacBride, Elberfeld, and...
Mar 19, 1911The Washington Post - The Pennant That Was Lost on a Wild Pitch - a Sad Chapter in Norman Elberfeld's Life
March 22, 1911Evening Post (Frederick, Maryland) - mention
March 26, 1911Washington Post pg. SP4 McBride Goes to Front In the Infielder Debate - Elberfeld's the exception
April 24, 1911Washington Post pg. 8 Johnson Chosen to Pitch Against New York Today - Elberfeld's hands in bad shape
Dec 12, 1911Washington Post pg. 8 Naps and Tigers Refuse to Waive on Pitcher Groom - Detroit Claims Elberfeld
Dec 21, 1911Washington Post pg. 8 DIRECTORS IN SESSION - Atlanta reported to be after Elberfeld