Kid Elberfeld Time Line - 1905

1905New York Highlanders Uniform
Feb 2, 1905Hugh Jennings‚ now managing Baltimore in the Eastern League‚ is admitted to the Maryland bar after completing law studies at Cornell. In two weeks Yankees OF Dave Fultz‚ a Columbia graduate‚ passes the New York bar exam. Fultz will suffer a late September collision with teammate Kid Elberfeld‚ breaking his nose and jaw‚ and retire at 31. In 1912 he will organize and lead the Players' Fraternity. - no details.
Aug 21, 1905The New York Times pg. 8 AMERICANS DEFEATED IN ELEVENTH INNING - mention about a fight
Aug 22, 1905The New York Times pg. 5 CHAMPIONS WALK AWAY FROM THE PITTSBURGS - Elberfeld Off Team (American League Highlanders)