Kid Elberfeld Time Line - 1903

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April 30, 1903First Yankee Home Game BUT Kid was not yet a Highlander - went to NY later in seasons - or see a local copy.
June 8, 1903The Washington Post SENATORS BRACING UP pg. 8 - Article
June 8th, 1903Detroit SS Kid Elberfeld, suspended for umpire abuse, is traded to New York for veteran infielders Herman Long and Ernie Courtney. "The Tabasco Kid" will be a key ingredient in the Highlanders' rise as contenders in 1904. - No details
June 10, 1903Traded by the Detroit Tigers to the New York Highlanders for Herman Long and Ernie Courtney. - No details
June 10, 1903Detroit SS Kid Elberfeld ‚ suspended for abusing an umpire‚ is traded to the New York Highlanders for veteran infielders Herman Long‚ 37‚ and Ernie Courtney. The Highlanders' first trade is a good one as "The Tabasco Kid"‚ currently hitting .341‚ will be a key ingredient in New York's rise as contenders in 1904. Elberfeld had also been accused by Tiger manager Ed Barrow of deliberately throwing games recently as a ploy to get himself traded. - No details
July 25, 1903 The Saturday Globe Binghamton Edition - Article
July 4, 1903 The New York Times (New York, NY) BASEBALL PEACE THREATENED - Good Article
July 16, 1903 The Washington Post (Washington, DC) BASEBALL CASE IN COURT - Good Article
July 19, 1903 The New York Times pg. 14 Basebal Peace Menaced - mention in good article
Aug 1, 1903Rube Waddell no-hits the Highlanders‚ except for Kid Elberfeld‚ who has 4 singles. These‚ plus a lavish 6 walks‚ down the A's 3-2‚ with the win going to Jack Chesbro. Waddell observes afterward‚ "If I would have walked him 4 times‚ I would have pitched a no-hitter." - no details.
Aug 24, 1903At New York‚ the Highlanders take a pair from the St. Louis Browns‚ winning 6-2 and 8-6. Jack Chesbro is the victor in the opener with a bit of help from the Browns John Anderson (as noted by Peter Morris). The Browns make 4 straight hits in the 8th‚ and an error by Kid Elberfeld on Anderson's grounder loads the bases. With Bobby Wallace hitting‚ Anderson inexplicably takes off for 2nd base and is thrown out trying to scramble back to 1B‚ a play that will be referred to in the early part of the century as a "John Anderson play." Wallace strikes out on the play. Anderson explains that "I got too far off first base and couldn't get back." To which his manager McAleer responds‚ "Tell me‚ you big bum‚ where did you think you were going?" After the game Clark Griffith brings up the possibility of a trade again and finds that the price had gone down. "Give me an old bat bag or anything‚" says McAleer‚"and take the big stiff." Anderson will be swapped to New York next month. - no details.