Kid Elberfeld - Photo of Wesley and Jack Elberfeld - Chattanooga Trivia

Source: Chattanooga Trivia - John Shearer -Mountain Press, Inc. 2000

Former major league baseball player and manager Norman `Kid' Elberfeld lived for a number of years on Signal Mountain on some acreage with an apple orchard.

A native of Ohio, he played with the New York Highlanders (later called the Yankees), the Detroit Tigers, and the Cincinnati Reds. He also managed the New York Highlanders, and Little Rock and Chattanooga in the Southern League. He also ran a baseball school for a number of years. Walden's Ridge Ball Team - 1912


(L to R/ Front Row: Mike Kilroy, Arthur Nixon, Harvey Tallen, Perry Nixon and Floyd Gass

Second Row: Glenn Carson, Harry Smith,

Back Row: Wes Elberfeld, Cy Smith, Oscar Carson and Jack Elberfeld - Wes Elberfeld - manager

[Wesley Elberfeld was the Kid's older borther, and Jack Elberfeld was his son. However, if this is really a 1912 photo as listed, Jack would only be 11. It must be a later date.]

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