Kid Elberfeld - Feb 12, 1911 - The Washington Post pg. 54 Illustration

Eddie Collins on Cooperation as Aid to Winning Ball; MacBride, Elberfeld, and...


"Whose slide for life in a race with Ossie Schreck, is interesting. Narrated by Eddie Collins in in the accompanying article.

Elberfeld Bests Ossie Schreck.

A play happened several years ago, in a game between New York and the Athletics on our own grounds, which was about the funniest occurrence I ever saw on a ball field. If Ossie Schreck, the once famous battery mate of Rube Waddell, had been willing to cooperate with this pitcher rather than "play it alone" the play in question would probably never have arisen, at any rate, he didn't, hence the tale. It transpired thusly:

"Kid" Elberfeld was on third and Keeler on first. Willie took a long lead, so as to draw a throw from Ossie and thus give "Kid" a chance to score. But Ossie said to himself, "they won't fool me," so he started to walk out toward the pitcher before throwing to nab Keeler. His mind was evidently intent on catching the "wee one," because he neglected to watch Elberfeld on third until the latter made a dash for the plate.

Then Ossie started, too. It was apparent the race was going to be close. Rube was at the home station shouting for the ball, but Schreck waved him aside. Elberfeld slid, aud Schreck, forgetting his mask and chest protector, tried to follow suit. Well, he made a fine spectacle, bounding along like a rubber ball, and the "Kid" slid in between the bounds, and "Tim" Hurst called him safe.

Kid Elberfeld - Feb 12, 1911 - The Washington Post pg. 54 Illustration