Kid Elberfeld General Information Time line of his managing career from the Baseball Reference Site local copy.

Detroit Sluggers: The First 75 Years (MI) (Images of Baseball)| Mark Rucker - Picture and paragraph

Baseball Hall of Shame 3 Bruce Nash - Chapter Information on Yankee Teams Captains - see a local copy.

A History of Detroit Tigers Shortstops By Brad Smith - Brief biography of Kid ELberfeld and other shortstops for Detroit. - see a local copy.

Yankees Century: 100 Years of New York Yankees Baseball - Description of the early Yankees and their aquisition of Kid Elberfeld from Detroit in 1903

Autumn Glory: Baseball's First World Series. Several mentions of Kid Elberfeld while describing the 1903 world series between Boston and Pittsburgh. Information on Little Rock, Arkansas Travelers Baseball Team - see a local copy. Information on Kid Elberfeld's grave - see a local copy.

Poem by Alex Klenman that mentions "The Tabasco Kid"

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Yankees Triviology: Fascinating Facts from the Bleacher Seats by Neil Shalin, 2011.

Photo of Kid Elberfeld's brother and son and mention of Kid in Chattanooga, TN

Death Certicate for Norman Elberfeld, January 13, 1944, Tennessee, Hamilton County, Chattanooga.