The History of the New York Yankees

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This book report is about the History of the New York Yankees and three top players named; Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle. To me these players represent the history os the New York Yankees.
It all started back in 1903. When the Yankees joined the American League. During the first two years, the Yankees struggle to make a name for themselves. Orginally, the Yankees were first named "The Highlanders" because their ball park was build on a tract of land in Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan. Clark Griffith was the first manager of the Highlanders.
In 1908, the Highlanders sank to last place. They knew that in order for them to stay in the divison. A new name and a new manager would make a difference. It is then that Arthur Norman Elberfeld (Tabasco kid) became the new manager. A year later, the New York Highlanders became the famous New York Yankees. New York Yankees was a very popular team in Major-League. New York Yankees have been in the most World Series Championships in the Major-League throughout history. New York Yankees have won 23 championships.