Kid Elberfeld Poem


By Alex Klenman

I'm not sure who started this style of baseball verse, but it is a lot of fun. Try it sometime.

Ollie Klee, Ben Oglivie, Wee Willie on a hitting spree;
Matt Batts and Tim Harkness, called because of darkness.

Dizzy Trout, Chico Salmon, and Randy Bass;
Homer Peel, Coot Veal, and a home cooked meal.

Jackie Brown, Johnny Kling, and the King of Swing;
Hippo Vaughn, Dickie Thon, and two men on.

Randy Bobb, Ty Cobb, and a mop-up job;
Gomer Hodge, Dolly Stark, and outta the park.

Ike Blessitt, Elmer Bliss, swing and a miss;
Clyde Kluttz, Ike Kahdot, like it or not.

Milt Stock, Max Flack, Cactus Keck;
Ivy Wingo, Boom Boom Beck, it's off the upper deck.

Goose Goslin, Ducky Medwick, and Smokey Joe Wood;
Rabbit Maranville, Chick Gandil, avoid the scandal.

Gabby Street, Fred Fleet, out by a couple of feet;
Big Boy Kraft, Willie Kamm, and a grand slam.

Pepper Martin, Flip Flap Jones, and Klondike Kane;
Maggie Magoon, Johnny Sain, ask me again, and I'll tell you the same.

Speed Keeley, Rhino Hitt, and Rubber Arm Krapp;
The Tabasco Kid, The Georgia Peach, and a tip 'o the cap!

Source of poem no longer functional