Kid Elberfeld's Influence - Willie Keeler

Source: Baseball

Willie Keeler

Aug 13, 1908 - Cy Young Day is celebrated by 20,000 in Boston. He pitches briefly against an All-Star team that includes Jack Chesbro, Hal Chase, Willie Keeler, Harry Davis, and George Mullin. The game is interrupted several times for presentations to the great hurler, including a great loving cup from the AL for all his accomplishments. This is Keeler's last appearance this season, as he returns home to Brooklyn‚ partly in protest to Highlander manager Kid Elberfeld's surly managerial style (as stated in Jim Reiseler's book Before They Were Bombers)). Keeler quits without pay saying, "I cannot give you a run for your money", He had been ill and muffed a flyball in left field, but he will return next season to play under manager George Stallings.

Sep 3, 1906 - Kid Elberfeld, the hot-headed Tabasco Kid, assaults umpire Silk O'Loughlin and is forcibly removed by police in the first game of New York's 4-3 win over the Athletics. In the 2nd game, New York base runner Willie Keeler collides with SS Lave Cross trying to field a ground ball, and 2 runs score. O'Loughlin sees no interference, a call so hotly disputed by A's captain Harry Davis that, after 8 minutes of arguing, the umpire forfeits the game to New York. For New York, it is a ML record 5th straight doubleheader sweep in consecutive days, and the streak puts them back atop the AL. Elberfeld will be suspended for just 8 games for his brawl with Silk.