Kid Elberfeld's Influence - Billy Evans

Source: Amazon Online Books

Peanuts & Crackerjack: A Treasury Of Baseball Legends And Lore

David Cataneo

The day he broke into the American League, umpire Billy Evans was quickly tested by diminutive (five feet, five inches, 143 pounds) but belligerent New York shortstop Kid Elberfeld.

In the first inning, Evans ruled Elberfeld out on a close play at first base.

"Ow!" yelled Elberfeld, leaping and churning his fists in the air. "You big, blind bum!"

Evan said nothing. Elberfeld interpreted the silence as a sign of weakness.

"And you're dumb as well as blind," growled Elberfeld, also known as the Tabasco Kid. "I've got a notion to punch you right in the nose."

Evans stepped up close to him.

"Mr. Elberfeld," he said. "I've heard a lot about you. Iíve heard youíre pretty tough. But just between you and me, I've got my doubts.Now here's my nose. Go ahead and poke at it. Only I'm warning you, my arms are not tied. If you want some real action, just throw one at this bugle of mine."

Elberfeld smiled slightly, looked Evans up and down, and asked how much he weighed. Evans said about 175 pounds.

"Well, you big stiff." Said Elberfeld, walking away in disgust. "You got a lot of nerve picking a fuss with a guy who weighs forty pounds less than you do."