Inside Baseball with Ty Cobb

Ty Cobb

On the other hand, if the baseman roughs the slider a couple of times, he'll not take any unnecessary chances on getting to the base.

Headfirst sliding is very dangerous and is used very little in the Major Leagues. I was, by the way, a headfirst slider when I first became a Major League player. 1 had tried the other way, having received instructions from "Germany'' Schaefer, now the comedian of the Washington club. But, I thought the headfirst slide was easier and better.

One day we were playing the New York Americans and I went into the bag headfirst. "Kid" Elberfeld was covering.

Without seeming to do it intentionally. the "Kid" happened to come down on my head. I honestly believed he shoved it into the dirt an inch. It felt that way, anyhow. was a sorry mess when I picked myself up; there being little skin left where the razor is wont to pass over the cheeks and lips, while my nose looked as if it had met a Luther McCarty wallop.

That little incident settled headfirst sliding for me. I began to pay strict attention to going into a base feet first and I practiced it every opportunity I got. Now, I could not slide with my head in front and feel right.

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