Elberfeld Photos

Below is a collection of photos of various branches of the Elberfeld family. Click on a small photo to display the complete image.

Sons of Jacob (2) Elberfeld

Daughters of Jacob (2) Elberfeld

Children of Jacob (2) Elberfeld

Jacob Elberfeld

Anna Mary Genheimer

Johann Genheimer and Katherine Schlagel

Lydia Anna Elberfeld

William Philip Elberfeld

Edward John Elberfeld

Jacob Bauer Elberfeld

Samuel Alexander Milton Elberfeld

Henry Daniel Elberfeld

Alfred Genheimer Elberfeld

Onward Benjamin Elberfeld

Maud Helen Elberfeld

Grave of Children of Jacob (1)

Grave of Jacob Elberfeld

Grave of Jacob and Anna Mary Elberfeld

Grave of Raymond and Virgene Elberfeld

Grave of Raymond C. Elberfeld

Allan and Steve Elberfeld

Marriage Certificate for Jacob Elberfeld and Katharina Mees

John, Mike, and Allan Elberfeld

Grave of Frederick Elberfeld

Elba, Carrie, and Pete

Family of Raymond F. Elberfeld

George Elberfeld and Elizabeth Folmer

Robert Bloom and Margaret Elberfeld Bloom

Former Elberfeld Store