Kid Elberfeld - 1910 T3 American Tobacco Co. Turkey Red Premiums


1910 T3 American Tobacco Co. Turkey Red PremiumsCabinets (T3) Original Medium: 95 prints : chromolithograph with hand-color Dimensions: ca. 8 x 5.75 inches The American Tobacco Company offered these large format lithographic cards printed in color as premiums in exchange for coupons distributed in cigarette packages.

In my opinion Turkey Reds are some of the most desirable Tobacco cards to collect. They are a beautiful set of cards. T3's were issued as a premium to collectors who were invited to send in 10 coupons from Turkey Red Cigarettes or 25 coupons for either Old Mill or Fez Cigarettes in exchange for one Turkey Red Cabinet Card. On the reverse of each card is a checklist for the set. Some cards featured advertising on the back.

Profile of Elberfeld (15)

Player: Kid Elberfeld
Name on Card: ELBERFELD, Washington
Card Number: 15

Category: Baseball
Year: 1910
ACC #: T3
Set Name: 1910 Turkey Reds
Card Size: 5-3/4 x 8
Number of cards in set: 131

Set Description: Distributed by mail for coupons found in Old Mill, Fez and Turkey Red cigarettes. The front has a color lithograph with a wide gray border. There are 3 different backs, Checklist, Checklist with ordering information and an advertisement for Turkey Red.


Kid Elberfeld - 1910 T3 American Tobacco Co. Turkey Red Premiums