Kid Elberfeld 1909 - 1911 T206 White Border Portrait Washington


Medium: 520 prints : relief with halftone, color Dimensions: ca. 2.625 x 1.4375 inches. This set, among the largest and most widely distributed, includes nearly 525 color portraits surrounded by a white border.


Profile of Elberfeld (Washington, Portrait) (161)

Player: Kid Elberfeld
Name on Card: Elberfeld, Washington
Variation: (Washington, Portrait)
Card Number: 161

Category: Baseball
Year: 1909-1911
ACC #: T206 (Common back)
Set Name: 1909-1911 White Borders (Common Back)
Card Size: 1-7/16 x 2-5/8
Number of cards in set: 525

Set Description: This is the granddaddy and most popular set of the early tobacco card issues. They are color lithographs with a white border and there are 525 cards in the set. The backs have over 16 different company advertisements. This set includes what are common type backs, which are American Beauty, EPDG, Old Mill, Piedmont, Polar Bear, Sovereign, Tolstoi and Sweet Caporal. The other backs have been designated there own sets because the dollar values greatly increase dependent upon what type of back is printed on the card.