Kid Elberfeld - 1912 T202 American Tobacco Co. Hassan Triple Folders


Medium: 123 prints : relief with halftone, color Dimensions: ca. 2.25 x 5.5 inches The American Tobacco Company issued this set featuring a black-and-white action photograph flanked by color portraits of two different players.

Profile of Elberfeld Gets His Man (Elberfeld/Milan) (58)

Players: Kid Elberfeld, and Clyde Milan
Name on Card: Elberfeld Gets His Man
Card Number: 58

Category: Baseball
Year: 1912
ACC #: T202
Set Name: 1912 Hassan Triple Folders
Card Size: 2-1/4 x 5-1/2
Number of cards in set: 132

Set Description: Distributed by Hassan cigarettes in 1912 this card is a close relative of the T205. The two player panels have bios on the backs and fold over a larger black and white picture in the middle. Be careful because you will see individual panels for sale as T205's.


T202 - Triple Folds

Measuring 5-1/2" by 2-1/4", Hassan cigarette cards carried the concept of multiple-player cards even further than the previous year’s Mecca set. The two end cards which are full-color and very close to exact duplicates of T205 "Gold Borders". The two end cards fold over the black and white center panel, making the Hassan Triple Folder appears like a booklet when closed. The two end cards are individual player cards, while the larger center panel contains an black and white action scene. Usually the two player cards are not related to the action scene. The unique Hassan Triple Folders feature player biographies on the back of the two individual cards with a description of the action on the back of the center panel. Values depend on the player featured in the center panel, as well as the players featured on the end cards. This set is not recommended for team collecting.

Kid Elberfeld - 1912 T202 American Tobacco Co. Hassan Triple Folders